Five months in Los Angeles

I really thought that I had posted since I got here. Apparently not.

I arrived in Los Angeles at the end of March. I had the opportunity to go back to Peru in early May, but chose not to. There were many reasons; each individually was not enough, but taken together, it was best for me to remain in the US.

While I have been here, I have been taking classes to get certified to teach English to speakers of other languages. At the end of August, I will have one class left (which I plan to take early next year). I am going to Puebla, Mexico in September to improve my Spanish. I was very disappointed in the language training that we received in Peace Corps Peru, so I am looking forward to nine weeks of structured classes. Also, I believe that some of the second language acquisition coursework that I have done will be helpful. We’ll see. In November I am returning to Peru to be a tourist for a month. There were a lot of places that I didn’t get to see; I had a couple of trips lined up when we were evacuated and I was able to change the tickets, so I am going to visit.


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